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Ad Astra Newsletter: CRSP Special Edition (published on Mar 18, 2024)
Cover page: http://www.adastraletter.com/2024/crsp-special-edition/
“The CUNY Research Scholars Program: The First Ten Years” by Ron Nerio and Veer Shetty
“Voices of Discovery: CRSP Alumni Interviews 2024” by Veer Shetty and Roman Senkov.
“East River Sediment Microbiome: Comparative Study of Restored Sites” by Caitlin Lynch (LaGuardia CC)
“Dopamine Receptor mRNA Expression by Oligodendrocyte Lineage Cells in the Corpus Callosum” by Shelby Louis (College of Staten Island)
“Direct Detection of Hexavalent Chromium in the Presence of Potassium Chloride” by Ellis Spica (Guttman CC)
“Underwater Acoustic Communication and Hardware Implementation” by Liting Zheng, Seungyeon Lee, Ling Lin, Jun Hong (LaGuardia CC)
“Divergence of Protein Casein Kinase in Drosophila species” by Amena Shamia and Claudette Davis (LaGuardia CC)
“Age, Gender, Social Media Use, and Body Positivity in College Students” by Shantal Edward (Queensborough CC)
“Identifying SARS-CoV-2 Spike Glycoprotein Blockers Using In-Silico Design” by Jose Armando Keppis (Hostos CC)
“What The Thunder Said” and What We Say Back, by Claire Wilgus (Guttman CC)
“DNA Metabarcoding for Urban Farm Soil Microbial Diversity at Kingsborough CC” by Dmitry Y. Brogun, Ani Iremashvili, and Stefan Valdez (Kingsborough CC)
“Diphenyl Carbazide Method Reevaluation for Hexavalent Chromium” by Mengyi Lin (Guttman CC)
“Collagen Signatures in Gliomas: Impact on Tumor Grade and Patient Survival” by Dr. Nancy Liu-Sullivan, Caitlin Carela, Ambar Alvarenga, and Melina Turco (College of Staten Island)
“Antimicrobial elements in soil Streptomyes and their interaction with environmental bacteria” by ShaniaKay Williams and Bansari Patel (Queensborough CC)
“Towards the Synthesis of Novel DAG-lactone Mimetic via a Microwave-Assisted 3+2 Cycloaddition Reaction” by Ryan Sumner and Jessica Master (Medgar Evers College)
“Effect of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Lung Cancer Cells” by James Babo (Queensborough CC)

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