The Orion Nebula

the image was taken by LaGuardia Society of Physics Students, supervisor Dr. Roman Senkov

The Orion Nebula (aka M42) - a diffused nebula in our galaxy, it is approximately 1,350 light-years away. It's apparent magnitude +4, which makes it a one of the brightest nebulae, it is visible by naked eye. The size of the nebula is about 24 light-years across and it's about 2,000 times heavier than Sun.

Image acquisition details:

Takahashi FSQ-106EDX4 f/5 telescope
equatorial mount: iEQ30 Pro
monochrome camera: ASI 174mm
LRGB2-Astrodon Tru-Balance Generation 2 E-Series filters

it gives the Field of View (FOV)=70.9 arcmin x 44.5 arcmin
and the resolution: 2.28 arcsec/pixel

the image is a combination of 380 Luminance, Red, Green and Blue frames:
L: 100x10s
R: 100x10s
G: 100x10s
B: 80x10s

the total exposure time: 63min

software used for capture and in post: FireCapture, Siril, Rawtherapee
taken at the North-South Lake campground

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