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In Black and White: Capturing New York, Spring 2020, during COVID19

Under the supervision of Humanities Professor Scott Sternbach, Spring 2020 LaGuardia photography students Gabriela Aca, Sam Delgado, Luis Cuacuamoxtla, John Puga, and Stella Sitao Xing document our life today in our hard‑hit city.

Cover Images: Jeremiah Cumberbatch, from The Protest

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Information on SARS-2 CoV, the virus causing COVID-19

Available in Spanish, Chinese, Romanian, and English, the public health brochure is the work of LaGuardia students Felipe Perez, Shaopeng Ma, Victor Pleacoff, and Claire Sansaricq.

Designed and supervised by Dr. A. Lucia Fuentes.

The authors are grateful to Dr. Na Xu and Anastasia Aponte for their help with the translations.

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A Journey into Solar Energy

by Dr. Małgorzata Marciniak

Research on the efficient geometry of flexible solar panels initiated in 2016 was sparked by a question posed by two students in Calculus 3.

Interested in this research? Please contact Dr. Marciniak at

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Computer Modelling of Physical Systems

from Planetary Rings to Diffusion and Brownian Motion

Five interdisciplinary research projects conducted by students in Spring 2020 Honors College Physics II and Computer Science classes and supervised by Dr. Doyel Pal and Dr. Roman Senkov.

Cover Image © NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

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Signs, Symbols, and Science

by Dr. Boris Zakharov

“It is customary to think about science as a very rich and diverse source of modern knowledge. However, that is not really what science is about. Knowledge is simply a product of the scientific process, and, in and of itself, does not constitute the intellectual framework that is science...”

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A Mathematical Magic Trick – The Chatty Jokers

by Dr. Tao Chen

An analysis of the card trick “The Chatty Joker” reveals the math behind magic.

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Physiology & Behavior Journal Club

by Daniella Leon

Daniella majored in the public health field and graduated this Spring, with honors, from LaGuardia Community College. Daniella will begin her studies at Hunter's School of Public Health this Fall.

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Linguistic Puzzle #2

Do you know how to count in Danish? You can definitely figure it out! Try solving this linguistic puzzle prepared by LaGuardia Society of Physics Students.

★ A solution for the puzzle from Ad Astra #1 2020 is posted at the end of this article. Check it out!