“Parting Shots” by Scott Sternbach


We worked together for over a quarter of a century…

From the very beginning, his dedication to photography and photographic education was evident. As his grandfather influenced his photography, he never wavered from his own photographic path. Despite all the challenges he faced along the way as a photographer, he was quite successful, and eventually found his second home by being a joyful member of the LaGuardia family, specifically, the Photography Degree Program Director.

Scott had the mission of imparting knowledge to photography students. A highly skilled teacher, well grounded in analogue photography, yet keeping himself updated with the ongoing improvements in digital technologies, he endlessly motivated students by sharing life lessons, simply because he was dedicated to them. He could relate well to students and their feelings; the results were evident: his students were admitted to senior colleges, secured interesting jobs, and became freelance photographers. Scott encouraged his students to collaborate and be entrepreneurs, ultimately, leading them to successful lives. For many of them, he gave hope for envisioning a brighter future.

Scott wears many hats – that of a supervisor, mentor, educator, and photographer.

Today, here on this platform, I am glad to have been given the opportunity to share with you all Scott's enormous contributions to this college and to the many students who passed through the doors of the photography program during his time here.

My throat gets choked up as I recall the bond we share and the support he has given me throughout the years, especially when I needed it most.

As you see his most recent work here, you will be able to tell his committed love for photography. For those who were lucky to meet Scott, he and his photo works would be always in our hearts.

Javier Larenas
Chief College Lab Technician / Adjunct Lecturer
A.A.S. Photography Degree Program
LaGuardia Community College
City University of New York

Right from the beginning, I want to thank Roman Senkov for inviting me to contribute to the Ad Astra newsletter. Roman has been a grand colleague and an asset to the college and students.

As the final days of my Travia leave approach, and I officially retire after 27 years of service it is fitting that I leave with a final burst of images. Throughout the years, I often traveled with students around the globe and returned to Laguardia to share the bounty. During the past month, I traveled to some of the more remote regions of Costa Rica. This is a place that instills hope that there is a chance we can save our planet. Although I was not accompanied by students on this trip, I often thought of the great experiences I had traveling to Patagonia, Antarctica and Alaska with LaGuardia students. Those trips continue to inspire me to keep photographing places of great natural beauty and bio-diversity in the hope that the images will help to remind us of the importance of caring for the world we live in. I hope you enjoy these parting shots.

Scott Sternbach. February 2024.

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