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That Sense of... ENTERPRISE

by Helmut Eppich

An amazing story of the beginning of one classic, believable, scientifically based, intelligent, science fiction television series that became part of popular culture, and inspired scientists, astronomers, engineers, doctors, computer designers and technicians to enter their respective fields.

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11 Questions for Dr. Sarah Durand

by Lucia Fuentes and Roman Senkov

Our guest today is a biologist, eco-activist and LaGuardia professor Dr. Sarah Durand. In this one-hour long interview Dr. Durand speaks about her undergraduate years, her passion for biology and theatre, and her path as a scientist. She describes her role in establishing the Environmental Science program at the Natural Sciences department and her work at Newtown creek. A part of the conversation touches on the importance of education; Dr. Durand shares some thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of online learning. At the end of the interview Sarah answers several personal questions inspired by Marcel Proust.

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Pursuing Research Endeavors Outside of LaGuardia

LaGuardia students Karan Kumar, Rabeca Mohammed, and Josselyn Velasquez share their experience with the research programs and internships they participated in.

Cover Images © BNL: Brookhaven Lab's Alternating Gradient Synchrotron (AGS)

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In Search of Life in Universe

by Dr. Boris Zakharov

“Are we the only living organisms in a cold lifeless cosmos, or there are another organisms somewhere else? This question has not only a theoretical interest, but also a practical importance. In proposed article, the author discusses what the major properties of Life are and how these properties are generated.”

Cover Images © NASA: 2M1207b - First image of an exoplanet

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How many languages are spoken at LaGuardia? There is no simple answer.

LaGuardia Professor Tomonori Nagano investigates how many languages are spoken at LaGuardia. 100? 150? You may have heard figures like these thrown around, but this question is not so easy to answer.

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Signal Modulation in Underwater Communications

A LaGuardia environmental engineering student Syeda Mehjabin investigates the basics of underwater communication and the issues this technology encounters. The research focuses on signal modulation and its application in acoustic communication.

The work is done under the supervision of Dr. Yun Ye.

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Life after LaGuardia: How to succeed in a four-year college

Dr. Dušana Podlucká interviews two of her former students, Salsabil Hena and Monisha Mohsin, who shared their experiences at LaGuardia and at four-year CUNY colleges.

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Linguistic Puzzle #3

Can you translate to Vietnamese “This vase is beautiful” or “I buy three flowers”? Do not worry if you do not speak Vietnamese. All you need to solve this linguistic puzzle is logic and a little bit of time. Good luck!

★ A solution for the puzzle from Ad Astra #2 2020 is posted at the end of this article. Check it out!