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“Parting Shots” by Scott Sternbach

Scott Sternbach's "Parting Shots" captures his profound legacy as the director of LaGuardia Community College's Photography Program, showcasing his dedication to photography and education. Blending his love for nature and teaching, Scott shares stunning images from his recent travels to remote regions of Costa Rica, aiming to inspire conservation and passion among students and readers. His work embodies a commitment to photography, education, and environmental awareness, marking a memorable farewell after 27 years of service.

Cover Image: Costa Rica | Scott Sternbach

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“The CUNY Research Scholars Program: The First Ten Years”

This is not just an article, but a link to the Special Edition of Ad Astra (showcases 14 research articles from seven CUNY colleges), dedicated to the CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP), commemorates ten years of academic excellence and promoting undergraduate research. We celebrate a decade of CRSP's enduring legacy and its profound impact on shaping the futures of aspiring scholars. Join us in recognizing this milestone and the remarkable contributions of CRSP participants to the academic community.

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“Star Trek: The Reunion of Old Friends” by Helmut Eppich

Helmut Eppich is a remarkable artist and illustrator, whose cosmos-themed paintings are displayed throughout the college. His expertise spans various realms, but what truly sets him apart is his profound knowledge of all things related to Star Trek. A true Trekkie, Helmut possesses an unparalleled understanding not only of the episodes themselves but also of the intricate stories behind the production of this iconic series. In this captivating piece that he has crafted and illustrated, Helmut generously shares his passion for the Star Trek universe.

Cover Image: Encounter | Helmut Eppich

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“Hi! My name is Layla, I am a mechanical engineering major. I am from France, and before the pandemic, I was a pastry chef”

Layla Xholi shares her unconventional journey of overcoming educational and personal obstacles. Born in France, Xholi's early love for science was stifled by systemic constraints, leading her to pursue a career in pastry, which enabled her to explore her knack for precision and problem-solving. A pivotal revelation during lockdown inspired her shift to engineering, where she overcame academic rejections and thrived at LaGuardia Community College, eventually transferring to City College as an accomplished student and tutor.

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“Maupertuis's Principle and Its Analog in Quantum Mechanics”

As part of his Honors Physics class at LaGuardia, student Miguel Posada has established a correspondence between Maupertuis's principle in classical mechanics and the variational principle in quantum mechanics. By highlighting the similarity between these two principles, Miguel demonstrates a non-trivial internal connection between the quantum and classical realms. His research offers a unique perspective on the origin of the well-known variational principle in quantum mechanics.

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“April 8th, 2024: Great Solar Eclipse”

In his lyrical exploration, LaGuardia student Amaru Alzogaray captivates us with the profound beauty and celestial majesty of the upcoming total solar eclipse. Traversing through history, science, and the raw emotion evoked by this astronomical event, Amaru paints a vivid tapestry of the eclipse's path across North America. From the anticipatory dance of shadows to the surreal daylight darkness, his narrative invites readers to witness the sun and moon's breathtaking pas de deux against the backdrop of a starlit sky.

This article is a poetic homage to the awe-inspiring power of nature and the celestial events that connect us across time and space.

Cover Image: Total Solar Eclipse, 2017 | Roman Senkov

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“The Truth and the Scientific Knowledge”

In this article, Dr. Boris Zakharov explores the complex relationship between truth, scientific knowledge, and belief. He discusses how human understanding of the world has evolved from myth to encompass religion, art, and science, each providing a different perspective on truth. Dr. Zakharov argues that scientific knowledge, belief, and moral ethics are inseparable elements that contribute to our pursuit of truth. The article emphasizes that a balance between these elements is essential for a comprehensive understanding of the world and the continued advancement of science.

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“Influence of Light Color on the Mood and Perception”

LaGuardia student Julissa Cardoza and Dr. Małgorzata Marciniak explore the impact of light color on mood and perception, demonstrating how light preferences can influence focus, wakefulness, and sleep quality through a three-month study involving two participants. Their research suggests that certain light colors, especially when combined with natural lighting, can alleviate symptoms of neurological sleep disorders and migraines, highlighting the potential for personalized lighting to enhance daily well-being.

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“Psychology Students are participating in undergraduate research: Conexión Innovation Psychology Project”

The Psychology Program collaborates with the Title V Project Conexión Innovation grant to engage students in a semester-long collaborative research journey. Under the mentorship of faculty members Drs. Lara Beaty, Dušana Podlucká, and Eduardo Vianna, twenty-one students delve into various psychological research themes, gaining invaluable academic and professional skills. This initiative not only fosters fundamental research competencies but also facilitates career explorations and academic advancements.

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LaGuardia Community College History Trivia

LaGuardia Professors Fern Luskin and Joseph McPhee have crafted the ultimate trivia quiz about LaGuardia Community College's unique history and transformations since its inception in 1970. Test your knowledge on the college's origins, memorable milestones, and quirky facts. This fun, engaging quiz not only challenges LaGuardians but also celebrates the college's rich legacy and evolution.

Cover Image: Original M Building 1970's | Photographs provided by the LaGuardia Community College Institutional Archives.

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Linguistic Puzzle #10

Dive into a distinctive linguistic puzzle: unravel Japanese transcriptions of English words and phrases by applying the rules of phonology and syllable patterns unique to Japanese. This challenge not only tests your logical thinking but also deepens your understanding of how languages adapt and interact with one another, providing a captivating look into the dynamics between different linguistic systems.

★ A solution for the previous puzzle is posted at the end of this article. Check it out!