“Naturescapes” by Jetmir Troshani

FOREWORD by Dina Pizzarello

In “Naturescapes”, Jetmir Troshani presents a collection of Kenyan wildlife portraiture that showcases the majesty and complexity of the animal kingdom. His photographs reveal an exceptional eye for composition, form, and balance. The images capture the raw dynamism and beauty of animals in their natural habitats, often in remote and challenging locations. Through his use of rhythm and directional forces, Troshani creates images that are both still and alive. The photographs demonstrate a keen understanding of the elements of surprise, as Troshani waits for the right moment to capture an animal in action, whether it is a tawny eagle stalking its prey or a giraffe consuming leaves. Jetmir is able to create images that are not only technically impressive but also emotionally resonant.

Troshani’s ability to control dynamism and form in his images creates a sense of depth and dimension that draws the viewer in, creating a powerful and immersive experience. His use of color is also striking, as he skillfully manipulates the hues of the natural world to create visually stunning arrangements. Jetmir’s mastery of the photographic medium is evident in his ability to use light and motion to reveal the diverse textures and shapes of his subjects, creating images that are at once intimate and otherworldly. The power of his photos is matched by their delicate balance, revealing the relationship between predator and prey, light and shadow, and the beauty and savagery of nature. This creates a sense of tension and energy that draws viewers into the scene, inviting them to imagine themselves in the midst of the action. His work shows reverence for the natural world and invites us to experience the beauty and complexity of the wilderness in a way that is both profound and transformative.