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“COVID-19 and My Neighborhood Jackson Heights” by Edda Monique Ottilie Proenca Hobuss

Why did the coronavirus devastate Jackson Heights, turning it into “the epicenter of the epicenter” in a matter of days in early 2020? What lessons can we learn from the darkest days in this community’s history? A LaGuardia student who lives there, Edda shares her experiences and addresses these questions by analyzing COVID-19 and public health data. The work was done under the tutelage of Dr. Ting Man Tsao.

Cover Image: Hreedoy Anirban Khandakar, from LIFE ENDURING-DURING A PANDEMIC (website).

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“William Shatner’s Fame Or Folly?” by Helmut Eppich

William Shatner’s fifteen minute trip into Earth orbit aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Space Capsule fuses the fictionality and legacy of Star Trek with the reality of experiencing actual space flight through his alter ego, if you will, Captain James Tiberius Kirk, through all those professional scientists, doctors, engineers, aerodynamic designers, artists, writers, teachers, and astronauts encouraged by the series. William Shatner and Captain Kirk took us all with them. We are the better for it.

Cover Image: drawing by Helmut Eppich. Mr. Spock and Captain James T. Kirk.

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“The Moon’s Terminator and Partial Lunar Eclipse” by LaGuardia Society of Physics Students (SPS)

SPS has become active again and invites everyone who is passionate about physics and astronomy to join. These series of photographs were taken by LaGuardia Society of Physics Students supervised by Dr. Roman Senkov.

Cover Image: LaGuardia Society of Physcis Students, The Moon's terminator (taken on 11/10/2021).

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“Disappearing Art of Science” by Dr. Boris Zakharov

Will Science survive in absence of such important for human understanding processes like drawing and writing? Scientific illustrations are indispensable part of research process and presentation of knowledge to broad public. Special importance scientific illustration plays in biological sciences. Presented article proposes a view on role of drawing in Biology and Science.

Cover Image: drawing by Boris Zakharov. Spider male genitalia from three sides.

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“A novel method for analyzing responses of microglia to a compromised state: an in-vitro model of the Blood-Brain-Barrier” by Gisela Ismaili and Dr. Lucia Fuentes

The article investigates a novel set up that provides an in-vitro alternative for the examination of the effects of changes in the Blood Brain Barrier. The results of this research will contribute to a deeper understanding of the role of the BBB in the pathogenesis of AD.

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“A bit of Mathematics, Physics and Magic” by Dr. Tao Chen and Dr. Roman Senkov

If it is possible to write rhymes with equations and formulae then this article written by LaGuardia professors Tao Chen and Roman Senkov is a poem full of wonderful mathematical tricks and true magic. You will learn how to calculate infinite series, continued fractions, nested roots and more.

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“Learning about Each Other Through Language” by Dr. Lucy McNair

In this article LaGuardia professor Lucy McNair invites us to a conversation about the possibility of using linguistic diversity as a natural resource that can help us to learn more about others and about ourselves.

Cover Image: geralt, Pixabay

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Linguistic Puzzle #6

Sanskrit is the sacred and liturgy language of Hinduism (and old Buddhism) like how Latin is used in the Roman Catholic Church, it has been spoken since 5,000 years before Christ. By working on this puzzle you will learn about the rules of vowel and consonant formation in Devanagari script.

★ A solution for the previous puzzle is posted at the end of this article. Check it out!

Cover Image: Raven3k, Freeimages