Illustration in the Time of Grief

Associate Professor of Fine Arts and Art History Jessica Boehman talks about art as a means of dealing with loss and grief and shares some of the art produced by her former students.

Cover Image (from left to right): “Self Portrait as St. Sebastian” by Jessica Toomey; “Overthinking, A Dangerous Thing” by Anthony Andujar; “On the MTA to Macedonia” by Tamara Dimov.

Information Brochure #2: All About COVID-19 Vaccines

designed and supervised by Dr. Lucia Fuentes

This brochure is a follow up to our first brochure with information about the virus causing COVID-19. Here we go over the general principles of how vaccines work and the biology of the mRNA vaccine production. The brochures were written and translated into four different languages by Honors biology students and scholars from the NIH-Bridges and CRSP programs.

“EXTRA! EXTRA! LIFE ON MARS?” by Amaru Alzogaray

The article tells the story of the most advanced scientific rover ever built, the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover, that has just landed on the Red Planet. This is an ambitious mission that links the fields of astronomy, physics, geology, chemistry, and biology.

Cover Image: this high-resolution image shows one of the six wheels aboard the rover. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The Magic of Microbes behind Sourdough Bread

by LaGuardia Health Sciences Professor, Dr. Nicolle Fernandes

This is the first in a series of articles discussing the Science of Food Production. This article focuses on the history and science behind Sourdough Bread Baking.

Cover Photo

Orbital Decay of a Massive Black Hole

by LaGuardia Honors students Charles Lee-Georgescu and Ahn Vo

Ever wonder how long it takes for a massive black hole to spiral into the center of a galaxy? The authors of this article take a close look at the effects of dynamical friction on orbital decay to see how estimations like this are made.

Cover Photo

Why I Joined the Honors Program at LaGuardia

an interview conducted by STEM Honors faculty

Read students thoughts' about what it’s like to take honors classes and why they recommend that every eligible student take advantage of this opportunity at LaGuardia.

Cover Photo

Reimagining the Immigrant identity

by Taisha Pavlica

A graduate of LaGuardia, Taisha Pavlica tells a story of her Venezulean friend, who immigrated to the US, through the lens of a critical social psychology perspective that provides a deeper understanding of an immigrant identity as a socially constructed process.

Cover Photo

LaGuardia STEM Club

by Rabeca Mohammed, the club president

Do you like STEM? Interested in joining a student-run STEM club? Rabeca is a Mechanical Engineering sophomore at LaGuardia Community College. Rabeca shares her experience of being the president of the STEM club and tells us about the activities and projects conducted by the club members. Hit the STEM club up on IG @lagccstem.

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Linguistic Puzzle #4

Inuit are an Indigenous people, the majority of whom inhabit the northern regions of Canada. Do you know what writing system they use? When and how did this system first appear? We hope that by working on this linguistic puzzle you will learn something new about the Inuit language and culture (a solution to the previous puzzle is posted at the end of this article).

Cover Image: “Rev. James Evans Teaching Indians His System of Cree Syllabic Writing” Jefferys, Charles W. 1934