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“Cosmic Canvas: Capturing the Light within the Darkness”

In 'Cosmic Canvas', former LaGuardia student and artist Hreedoy Anirban Khandakar showcases his exquisite talent in astrophotography. A graduate of LaGuardia Community College with an Associate’s degree in Applied Science in Fine Arts Photography, Hreedoy combines his technical prowess with his artistic vision. Khandakar's work invites viewers on an awe-inspiring journey through the cosmos, reflecting his deep passion for celestial wonders.

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“Consciousness” by Dr. Joseph McPhee

Learn about consciousness and how we understand it in Dr. Joseph McPhee's insightful article. A faculty member in the Department of Natural Sciences - Biology, Dr. McPhee guides readers through the complex concept of consciousness, posing critical questions about our existence and self-awareness. The article examines how structures in our brain, like the parietal and frontal cortex, contribute to our internal worlds and process sensory inputs, forming the crux of our conscious experience.

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“What is the Honors Program up to? Low-Tech!”

In this insightful article, Professor Noam Scheindlin, co-Director of the LaGuardia Honors Program, explores our alienation from the energy sources that power our lives, advocating for a shift towards more personalized energy production methods. The article introduces the Honors Program's 'low-tech' design project. This initiative, inspired by 'Low Tech Labs', focuses on creating small-scale, useful, accessible, and durable objects and processes.

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“Sexual Size Dimorphism in Spiders”

In his visually engaging article, LaGuardia Professor Boris Zakharov explores the fascinating world of sexual dimorphism in spiders, a widespread phenomenon across the animal kingdom characterized by morphological differences between males and females of the same species. He delves into the natural selection forces driving these evolutionary differences, arguing for an interplay of multiple factors behind sexual body size dimorphism in spiders. This article captures the essence of natural selection's influence on spider morphology.

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“Honors classes: a way to discover your passion for research”

Explore the academic journey of Caitlin Lynch, whose passion for environmental science blossomed at LaGuardia Community College. This article delves into Caitlin's early days as an enthusiastic student in LaGuardia's Environmental Science program, where she first engaged in fieldwork, research, and wetland restoration. It highlights her transformative experience in an Honors Biology course under Prof Lucia Fuentes, leading to her first published scientific paper.

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“Inspiring Future STEM Majors Through LaGuardia’s College Now Program”

Dr. Claudette Davis's article highlights the 'College Now' program at LaGuardia Community College, a dynamic initiative aimed at guiding high school students towards college education, with a focus on STEM disciplines. Managed by Director Tyleah Costillo, Coordinator Leslie Bialecki, and Recruiter Marisol Lisboa, the program offers courses across various departments, including Humanities, MEC, English, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. It plays a crucial role in connecting high schools with the diverse educational opportunities available at LaGuardia.

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“A Dreamer Turned Doer”

In his article, Yeamin Ahmed, a LaGuardia graduate, shares his extraordinary journey from a young dreamer in Sylhet, Bangladesh, to a successful engineering professional in the United States. His story is a testament to resilience and perseverance. Starting as a first-generation immigrant working in a restaurant kitchen, Yeamin excelled academically at LaGuardia Community College and later at Stony Brook University in electrical engineering. His ambitious path led him to a distinguished career at Boeing as an engineer and project manager, alongside pursuing a master's in aerospace engineering.

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“Quick Trivia: Science & Liberal Arts”


Test your knowledge across a spectrum of subjects with 'Quick Science & Liberal Arts Trivia', designed by LaGuardia faculty. Covering everything from physics and biology to Star Trek and linguistics, this quiz challenges your understanding of diverse topics. Sourced from real exams, it's a perfect way to gauge your grasp on both scientific and liberal arts concepts. Ready for the challenge? See how much you really know. Good luck!


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Linguistic Puzzle #9

Dive into the intriguing world of linguistics and chemistry with our latest linguistic puzzle. This challenge, crafted to test your logical reasoning, requires no prior knowledge of chemistry. Your task is to identify the odd one out based on naming principles, deduce chemical formulas for specified compounds. Good luck and enjoy the intellectual journey!

★ A solution for the previous puzzle is posted at the end of this article. Check it out!

Cover Image: chemical structure of nonane C9H20.