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“Los Heraldos Negros” by César Vallejo

The great Peruvian poet César Vallejo speaks to us about how we, as humans, go through painful experiences, some so profound, we cannot begin to explain or understand them. We share this poem to express our solidarity to all of those who have lost loved ones.

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Comparative Morphology Of Ground Spiders

a review article by Prof. Boris Zakharov

Prof. Boris Zakharov began to study spiders in 1995 in AMNH, his PhD thesis was on orb-weaving spiders of USSR South Far East. He began to teach in 2005 at Hostos Community College/CUNY. Boris joined the Natural Sciences department at LaGuardia in 2009.

If you are looking for research opportunities and like spiders please free to contact Prof. Zakharov at

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How do our students feel about Distant Learning?

a questionnaire conducted by a group of NS faculty: Chris Farley, Lucia Fuentes, Xin Gao, Roman Senkov, and Na Xu.

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Why I Chose Physics as a Major

by Karamoko Soumahoro

Karamoko is a former LaGuardia student who changed his major to physics. After graduating from LaGuardia he went to Stony-Brook University where he received a Bachelor's degree in physics.

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Preparation of Self-Organized Organic Nanoparticles of Perfluorophenylporphyrin

a research paper by LaGuardia students Afsana Abdul Rahim, Sarah Seron, Jacob Martinez and Prof. Amit Aggarwal.

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The Orion Nebula

by LaGuardia Society of Physics Students (SPS)

SPS is a very active student organization at LaGuardia. We conduct various physics experiment (Cosmic Ray Detector, Schlieren experiment), hold astronomy events, public lectures, potluck parties, and much more. Join us!

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Women in Technology Club

a welcome note by the club president Anastasia Aponte.

We are a diverse team of STEM students ranging from game development/design to mechanical engineering who pool our efforts together to create an environment built for success. Join us!

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Atomic Nuclei and Pairing Correlations

by LaGuardia students Josselyn Velasquez and Bai Huang

This research project was done as a part of Honors "College Physics I" class.

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Linguistic Puzzle #1

a logical puzzle prepared by LaGuardia Society of Physics Students.

Put your logic skills to the test!