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Hafez's “The Lost Joseph”

recited by Dr. Maria Entezari

A reference to Prophet Joseph’s Surah in the Quran, this poem beautifully unveils how patience, tolerance, forgiveness, faith, and belief in God can open doors for us and help us to overcome all hardships. In this poem, Hafez wants to tell us that with hardship there is also ease if we do not lose our hope.

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Isolation and characterization of Newtown Creek’s Tardigrades

by Michael Betancourt and Dr. Charles Keller

Professor Charles Keller and former LaGuardia student and current doctoral student Michael Betancourt discuss their efforts to isolate and characterize tardigrades found in Newtown Creek. A fascinating phylum of micro-animals capable of surviving crushingly harsh environments, the microscopic, eight-legged tardigrades are considered to be among nature’s most resilient species.

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Interview with Dr. Ron Nerio, Director of the CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP)

by Lucia Fuentes and Roman Senkov

Our guest today is Sociologist and Director of the CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP), Dr. Ron Nerio. During this hour-long interview, Dr. Nerio takes us on a fascinating journey, from his early days growing up in a working class neighbourhood in Saginaw, Michigan, to his experiences as an undergraduate, traveling to work in England, then later, doing his undergraduate research in South Africa. This is an incredible account of the people and events that inspired Dr. Nerio to become a sociologist, studying human migrations and the transformation of urban landscapes.

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A Life of Challenge and Wonder

by Jiafeng Chen

Former LaGuardia student Jiafeng Chen tells the story of his academic journey as an aspiring mechanical engineer and offers advice to others who may wish to follow his footsteps. After graduating from LaGuardia, Jiafeng received his bachelor’s in engineering from Stony Brook University. He has been accepted by Columbia University where he will continue studying mechanical engineering.

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How bilingual is Queens?

by Professor Tomonori Nagano

What is so special about linguistic diversity in Queens? LaGuardia Professor Tomonori Nagano discusses that it is not the number of bilingual speakers but the number of languages that makes Queens' linguistic diversity so unique.

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Bio-imaging and photodynamic therapeutic treatment of cancers

by Dr. Sunaina Singh

LaGuardia Chemistry Professor Sunaina Singh tells us about her research into bio-imaging and cancer treatments. Dr. Sunaina focuses on the development of new generation photosensitizers for the purposes of bio-imaging in cancer treatment.

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How marine deep diving mammals prevent decompression sickness?

by Dr. Boris Zakharov

Decompression sickness, commonly known as “the bends” is a life threatening condition that occurs among deep divers if they experience too rapid of a depressurization on ascent. For some time, it was believed that whales, dolphins, and seals didn’t experience decompression sickness. This article observes morphological and functional adaptations of marine mammals that prevent decompression sickness.

Cover photo: Humpback whale by Ellen Raimo

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Ten Years of SERG

by Dr. Lara Beaty

LaGuardia psychology professor Lara Beaty introduces The Student Experiences Research Group (SERG) that she founded in 2011 and reflects on its ten years of activities and accomplishments.

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Linguistic Puzzle #5

Armenian is an Indo-European language, the alphabet for which was introduced in 405 AD. Using the knowledge that the names of the months in Armenian bear some resemblance to their English counterparts, it should be possible to figure out which name corresponds with which month.

★ A solution for the previous puzzle is posted at the end of this article. Check it out!